Why Work With Us

Why work with 24
Carat Speakers

At 24 Carat Speakers, our goal is to make your event a world-class event by providing you with a high-value speaker with powerful content and creating an experience where your colleagues are running back to you to say, thanks.   As a speaker for over three decades and a meeting planner for two non-profit organizations, I have been on both sides of what it takes to make a memorable event. Through years of experience combined with our creative staff, we know how to add the WOW to your event.

We will customize your event and take you step-by-step through our Rave Review Booking System which is designed to expeditiously match you with the perfect speaker for your event.  Our priority is to make sure your goals are met while minimizing your stress and saving you valuable time as you plan your event. We take pride in providing you with an extraordinary experience so that you will shine as the hero.

Our Promises to You

  • All 24 Carat Speakers have been qualified through our unique “High-Value Speaker” Checklist

  • You will be matched with the perfect speaker for your event that will present meaningful and exceptional content

  • We utilize a simple, Rave Reviews Booking System, to ensure that all our goals are met for your event.

  • Help to create the WOW factor that electrifies your audience at your event.

  • We created the Rave Reviews Systems for evaluating our speakers which ensures success and rave reviews.

  • We help you meet your DE&I goals