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  • Moving from Bias to Bridges

    Many companies and organizations struggle how to transport from biases to building bridges.  It is imperative to understand how unconscious bias influences day to day thoughts and behavior.  In this powerful session, Tracy brings her years of research and experience and teaches you how to uncover sub conscious thoughts and beliefs that impede progression towards inclusion.

    In this session, participants will learn:

    • Understand we all have unconscious bias
    • How to recognize my own unconscious bias
    • Three powerful steps to replace unconscious bias
    • Practice makes progress
  • Destination: Inclusion

    If your reason for wanting to talk about diversity and inclusion is positive, proactive and productivity-related, this keynote is perfect. Tracy provides a roadmap you can follow to move toward inclusion without creating a sense of judgment or failure. This topic is especially popular with leaders who are not experts in either HR or Diversity but who want to integrate a commitment to inclusion into the management of both projects and people.

  • All Different, All Alike

    Instead of being afraid to talk about diversity, recognize that inclusion only happens when you recognize both the ways people are different from you AND the ways they are the same.  Using interactive and experiential processes, Tracy guides participants through a series of activities designed to demystify diversity and inspire inclusion.

  • Unity Not Uniformity

    The real goal of inclusion is to have a group of people working together toward a commonly held vision or mission. This unity is critical for success.  Unfortunately, if people believe everyone must be the same in order to achieve unity, diversity gets ignored or criticized.  Tracy helps participants navigate the complexities of a multicultural, multiethnic and multigenerational organization while having fun and releasing the potential for unity without requiring uniformity.



What is Mine to Do? | Tracy Brown | TEDxSMU

Inclusion Champions Encourage Respect

Helping leaders demonstrate their commitment to inclusion is a priority for Tracy Brown. Her passion is helping individuals take responsibility for building effective cross-cultural relationships that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals. And her talent is transforming conversations about diversity from a debate about politics and personalities into a dialogue about relationships and results.

Tracy’s core message is that diversity is an always present resource that can be used in a positive way to achieve the mission of the organization if you intentionally build an inclusive culture. But to build that culture, it is important to ensure people develop the skills required to build connections, navigate conflict, create outstanding customer service and develop community relationships.

Tracy is a certified administrator for the The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) which is the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence. She is an excellent coach for leaders navigating cross-cultural relationships and building multicultural teams; and a skilled provider of interventions that transform unconscious bias into effective partnerships between individuals and groups. She is also certified to administer the Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory® (ICS®) and to incorporate the inventory results into individual or group engagements.

Tracy has been featured in HR Magazine, Texas Monthly, Fox Radio Network, Dallas CEO, iHeart Radio Network, Money Magazine and many other publications or broadcasts. Her books include “71 Ways to Inspire Commitment to Diversity.”  And her TEDx talk, “What is Mine to Do,” was followed up with a book with the same title, and an active Facebook group where more than 7,000 members focus on what committed individuals can do to interrupt or eliminate race-based hatred and violence.

In addition to her business experience, Tracy has served as a board or advisory council member for more than a dozen professional associations or nonprofit organizations. She co-founded Dallas Dinner Table (Healing Race Relations One Dinner at a Time) and co-designed The Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership curriculum sponsored by Southern Methodist University and The Center for Nonprofit Management. Tracy recently completed serving 3 consecutive years as the Chair of the governing body for Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide. She currently serves on the boards of two organizations: The Science of Mind Foundation and Camp Cedar Ridge in Vernonia, Oregon.



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  • and many other publications.


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