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  • "The Six Unwritten Rules of Business”

    Talented people enter organizations everyday prepared to contribute, succeed and climb the ladder of success. However, while some seem to climb with ease, others get stuck, retire on the job or are terminated.

    Years of research among employees across the nation shows that while many professionals and business owners have marketable skills, they lack the critical understanding of their organizations, industries and marketplace.

    This course is for new and mid-level career professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

    Learner Outcomes:

    • Successfully navigate Unwritten Rules & Unspoken Relationships
    • Identify Attitudes and Behaviors that limit success
    • Move from Meritocracy to effective Negotiation
    • Discover the Six Relationships critical to success
    • Connect your “Part” to the “Whole” business
  • "Publicizing Your Brand and Staying in Demand"

    How do you succeed in a global market or a large organization where hundreds of people offer similar products or have your same skill set? Create a strategic advantage by harnessing the power of Personal and Business Branding!

    Research continues to show that what people value most are those who are genuine and real. In a world of relentless information and different degrees of TRUTH, a person who is Authentically themselves stands out!

    You can fill every social media channel and shout from the roof tops messaging about your Brand. However, what really matters in the short and long-run is how people EXPERIENCE your brand. Think about this, is your current brand helping OR hurting your chances for success?

    This course is for early to mid-level career professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

     Learner Outcomes:

    • Branding basics – Assessing your Brand
    • Understand and manage Personal Branding Touchpoints
    • Skillfully use Propaganda to your advantage
    • Knowing when and how to Renovate your Brand
    • Connecting your Personal Brand to your organization or business
  • "Leadership 101: First Lead Yourself!"

    Watching great leaders in action is much like adoring the majestic peak of an iceberg. The work they do on the surface is based on years of building a large base of knowledge, experiences and skills. And, while there are many common traits among leaders, female leaders have developed their own special sauce.

    While many people focus on how to be a great leader, this session first builds a foundation for self-leadership before moving on to successfully leading others.

    This course is for female leaders-new and emerging; leaders of self, people, initiatives, and organizations.

    Learner Outcomes:

    • Deeply explore Personal Leadership Values & Philosophy
    • Identify and connect Core Values to Organizational Mission
    • Discover your Unique Leadership Secret Sauce
    • Use Best Practices and Diverse Leadership examples to enhance team effectiveness
    • Craft a Leadership Style that supports company, team and personal success
  • "Playing 2 Win! Master the Game of Business”

    This is a summary course for participants who have taken, “The Six Unwritten

    Rules of Business”, “Publicizing Your Brand and Staying in Demand” and “Leadership 101: First Lead Yourself.”

    This is a highly interactive session that allows participants to connect all three courses and begin to build strategies that will move them forward. Infused with next-level concepts and a plan outline, participants will walk away with tools to increase their contribution and success!

    This course is for early career professionals (3-5 years) and entrepreneurs focused on growth.

    Learner Outcomes:

    • Use Systems Theory to Maximize Change
    • Elevate from Networking to Netweaving
    • Move from an “At Risk” to “Must Have” status
    • Effectively Work IN and On your career or business
    • Start your Strategic Success Plan



Speaking Demo

Speaking Demo


Fay Fleming is the founder of The Business Performance Company, a research consulting firm established in 1994. Her extensive business career includes working as VP of Marketing and Communications in corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. She has conducted thousands of qualitative research sessions and executed quantitative surveys for clients. Fay’s academic preparation consists of a BBA, Finance and Accounting from the University of Oklahoma, a MA, Marketing and Media from Webster University, and formal research training from RIVA (Master Moderator certificate) and the Burke Institute.


Fay’s academic background, practical business expertise, and authentic curiosity enable her to relate to participants while staying focused on project objectives. Past clients include a variety of government agencies and healthcare organizations like Barnes Jewish Hospital, BJC HealthCare, Gateway to Hope, Mid America Transplant Services, Sickle Cell Association, and Washington University School of Medicine. Recently, she conducted focus groups among mothers and an in-depth interview with a physician for the Maternal Mortality Hear Her Texas campaign.



  • Former Business columnist and business contributor for several print channels including the Business Journals newspaper chain, St. Louis Post Dispatch and St. Louis American
  • Former travel magazine columnist and featured in Essence magazine
  • Published author as well as published books for several other authors
  • Featured Co-Host for Conversations in the Nic of Time (radio, live stream Facebook & YouTube) as well as various business podcasts and radio shows


  • Excellence in Small Business – Bank of America
  • Special Leader Award, YWCA of Metro St. Louis
  • Business Owner Award, St. Louis Small Business Monthly
  • Regional Finalist-Working Woman magazine’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
  • Minority Business Advocate of the Year Award, U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Distinguished Woman Business Owner of the Year Award, NAWBO-St. Louis Chapter
  • Distinguished Visitor, University of Oklahoma
  • Distinguished Alum, Webster University
  • Leadership Missouri 2016 Class, Statewide Leadership Development Program
  • Leadership Texas 2010 Class, Statewide Leadership Development Program



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