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  • Maximizing Your “Success “Potential

    Understanding your “success potential” will help catapult you to in life and your career.  Potential is the capability of being or becoming greater than where are. Maximizing your skills, knowledge, and performance, will help you to achieve your goals both personally and professionally.  In the session, Dr. Karren teaches you how to unlock your potential by providing you with the building blocks to success.

    This session focuses on levels of self and social awareness to explore ways to unlock tomorrow’s potential today.

    After completing this session, the attendee will be able to:

    • Describe ways to move their potential from untapped to unlocked
    • Identify barriers that delay their progress
    • Evaluate and develop their inner circle to support their purpose instead of their present
    • Embrace the role of resistance in growth
    • Conduct Life Level checks to track and accelerate their progress
  • You Are Standing in the Way of your Success

    “Get out of your way”. Yes, you can be the person blocking your own success.  It’s the mental blocks and your critical inner voice, that is in the way of your effortless flow of creativity, action and ultimately your success.  Dr. Karren helps you to break these negative cycles and get rid of the fear that holds you back from your personal and professional success.  In this session, she gives you techniques through the M.O.V.E. model that propels you toward your destiny.

    After completing this session, the attendee will be able to:

    • Recall key steps to overcome self-defeating behavior
    • Identify behaviors related to the Imposter Syndrome
    • Access and address the mental block of Limiting Beliefs
    • Develop positive self-talk habits to break the cycle of comparison
  • How Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Defines your Success

    Emotional Intelligence is more important than ever. While the workforce is still dealing with the stress and social isolation associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, what we need and expect of our leaders has forever changed. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage emotions and the emotions of others. While IQ and traditional management skills are still essential, a greater degree of EQ is necessary to nurture and motivate individuals and teams. Dr. Karren guides you through the key elements of EQ and IQ to help you achieve greater success.

    This session discusses the skills of Emotional Intelligence and how they are incorporated into your personal and professional life.

    After completing this session, the attendee will be able to:

    • Describe and discuss the Four EQ Quadrants
    • Manage verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • Articulate the language of your emotions
    • Apply specific tools to regulate emotions
    • Understand emotions and how to manage them in the workplace



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  • BS-Telecommunications;
  • Master of Divinity;
  • Doctor of Ministry – Pastoral Counseling
  • Certifications

    • Certified Professional Coach (in accordance with ICF standards)
    • Certified Facilitator of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Certified Facilitator in Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Experience

    • Developed & conducted seminars/workshops in Team Building, Women in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Discovery & Fulfillment,
    • Trained nonprofit organizations on volunteer recruitment and training
    • 30 years of experience as a Speaker, Panelist, Trainer and Host
    • 16 years in full time ministry – Ministry was verified one of the fastest growing churches in America for 3 years
    • 15 years in Management and Training at Fortune 500 companies
    • 8 years as Executive Director of Power Ministries, Inc – a nonprofit that supports women and teen girls in the Greater Memphis Area
    • 7 years as CEO/Founder of Empowerment Coaching and Consulting
    • Counseled and coached clients including individuals, clergy, couples, entrepreneurs, executives and teams
  • Boards

    • Leadership Memphis (committee chair)
    • Memphis Urban League Guild (committee chair)
    • Beauty For Ashes, Inc. (board member)
    • Black Clergy Collaborative of Memphis (executive committee)
    • Christian Church of TN (Disciples of Christ)
  • What Makes Me Sparkle!

    • Watching people become the best version of themselves makes my spirit leap! I find joy in unlocking the potential in the people around me.
    • Long naps, a full plate of food and laughing until my face hurts…
    • I literally dance every day! Expression through movement refills and refuels me.
    • Being a new grandmother!



  • Radio Show Host: SOAR with Coach Karren
  • Co-Host: Mary Beth Conley Radio Show
  • Featured on Good Morning Memphis, Local Memphis Morning Show, Live at 9 and other local tv, radio and podcast shows


• Agape Award for Community Service
• Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
• Female Pastor of the Year
• Kindle Award for Community Advocacy
• Tri-State Defender’s Women of Excellence TSD



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