Our Founder’s Story

My Background

I started my speaking career in 1989 after I left the classroom as an elementary teacher. In 1990, I opened the doors to my company that provided speaking and consulting services. Over the last three decades, I have served literally hundreds of clients with thousands of audiences for companies, associations, universities, schools, and churches. During my career, I acquired two additional degrees: an MA in Educational Psychology, and a PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology, with a goal of building and strengthening my knowledge and credibility. I am the author of six books, co-author of four, and have developed several programs and online courses.


In The Media

As a media personality, I, hosted The Dr. Gladney radio show, an international podcast, was the residential expert for several TV and Radio shows, and other media outlets and co-hosted a cable TV show. In addition, I was the founder and Executive Director of two non-profit organizations, Young Educated Sisters, Inc. and Six Million Dollar Woman’s Club, Inc, served on several boards, and have received many recognitions and awards for my leadership, service, and business acumen.

The Vision

As a high- value speaker with premium content, I wanted to build a platform that increased the awareness for other women speakers.  I knew that I could help other women share their voices, emphasize their values, sell their experiences, highlight their expertise, and allow their gifts and talents to make room in the marketplace while helping to emphasize inclusion.

24 Carat Speakers

I knew that with my compilation of expertise and business acumen, which includes decades of operating a successful speaking and consulting business, event planning, my network of event planners, speakers, clients, decision makers, influencers, and experts, were the critical components needed to create a unique speakers agency that would highlight the expertise of women who are experts in the field, create valuable content, and wow their audiences, who I refer to as diamonds in the speaking industry.